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We’re Not Box-Shifting Salespeople.

West Byte are a trusted, long established
and growing IT support company
from Weymouth, Dorset.

Why West Byte?

There are many local and not so local IT companies in the world.

Why Us?

We’re Local

Based in Dorset we work closely with clients from around the county and the wider UK managing and supporting secure local networks and cloud resources for clients in accounting to counselling.

We’re not box-shifting sales robots

As your IT department we are 100% focused on service quality. We create a stable, modern, fit for purpose IT infrastructure that is proactively protected, monitored and managed 24/7. Our consultancy is pragmatic and we live firmly in the real world.

We’re Trusted

The founders are 20 year IT veterans. The company is trusted by our clients as we constantly demonstrate our pragmatism and strategy always remaining open, we share our inbound invoices and provide cost receipts.
We’ve seen technologies develop, arrive and then become obsolete. We keep our eye on the future without losing sight of the present.

Our Services



Get experienced professional assistance with IT strategy, project planning, business goal alignment, strategic planning, budgets, policies, best practice and GDPR compliance.

Full Management

We take responsibility for the end to end management of your IT estate. Our services are designed to increase your security, improve the quality of your output and zero any disruption.

Friendly Support

Concentrating on first contact resolution our professional and very approachable support staff handle calls and tickets efficiently in industry leading response times.

Constant Vigilance

We’re passionate about timely maintenance performed on a schedule and out of hours so not to affect the business.

5 Reasons to Switch to West Byte


We’re experts at providing a smooth, painless transition


We build strong and long lasting relationships with our clients


We think and act as part of your team and not just another IT supplier


Full width coverage to support you now and whatever the future brings

Featured Work

Windows 10 Rollout

Oct 2019

Windows 7 is end of life on 14 Jan 2020. We're rolling out 30 workstations for 40 users all in one weekend preserving their applications and preferences for Monday morning.

Office 365 Migration

Sept 2019

We're moving a 30 user client from their on premises server to the Microsoft Office 365 cloud.

New Printers

August 2019

We're rolling out four large printers at our largest client and automating the client-side changes.

Regular work

Server and Workstation Updates

Aug – Sept 2019

For all managed clients we regularly run managed updates to workstations and servers, updating the operating system and all line of business applications.

Quarterly Catch-up Meetings


All managed clients have a regularly scheduled catch-up meetings.

System Monitoring


All managed clients’ systems’ are monitored 24/7 for function and performance and engineers alerted to any anomaly.

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